Warmest September on Record

Anyone else notice it is getting warm out there? I sit by saddened and bemused as all of the predictions made by climate change scientists come to pass, and still the political structure and society remains immutable, careening towards the great eco-unknown.
Planet Sees Warmest September on Record
Worldwide, it was the warmest September on record, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said Friday. Averaging 1.13 degrees Fahrenheit (0.63 degree Celsius) above normal for the month, it was the warmest September since the beginning of reliable records in 1880, according to NOAA's National Climatic Data Center.

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  1. Peter says:

    Just found this blog- in college had a minor in geography- studied climatology. That was in the 70s- I guess a long time ago, when climate science and change where very primitive. It is October 18th in Connecticut- when usually our autumn color is at peak. Not now- only 20% have changed- 'peak color' is a week or more off. Climate change? Yes, and after reading for the last 5 years on the threat of global warming, the changes are happening so it seems-much faster then many believed possible. In New England we had the second warmest summer on record, and the second warmest September on record. More then 40 90 degree days in Hartford (the normal is 20)
    We have the New England Climate coalition- and all six states here have been very proactive about climate change.

  2. Mike Bono says:

    Maybe you can pass this one to someone that knows?
    Just a question: Has anyone taken into acount the millions of BTUs people generate with cars/trucks, Heat pumps, Airconditers, heat from from hundreds of sources around a city. As Global warming increases these sources of heat will increase exponentially as people try to get cooler in their homes and work place. The heat islands will become hotter and larger. I would think the rate of warming will happen much faster than the prediction. It has to become an accelerating factor.

  3. Johanna Kainu says:

    Oh. So it wasn't exceptionally warm just here in Finland…? That's just so sad. People here are just talking how nice it is to have such a warm autumn! Honestly, it's not normal to be able to sunbathe outside in Finland in late september!

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