Climate Change Killing Now

Climate change is a reality, it is happening now, and it is widely killing plants, animals and people. A new book indicates the magnitude of the threat posed to biodiversity by climate change. And the World Bank reports huge numbers of deaths and ill health in poor nations are the result of climate change and pollution. A small blurb below quotes the U.S. energy chief as saying that global warming is real. When top scientists, the world's economists, and the political elite all agree climate change is happening and is deadly, where is the action? A dreadfully important question is whether the energy guzzling rich countries intend to do anything about the death of ecosystems, species and millions of humans while there is still time to stabilize climate in a livable condition? Or as long as the death and suffering is relegated mostly to the poor and other species, will the over developed world continue to use yet more energy, causing even more climate change, in order to live comfortably through the lead up to Armageddon? After all, this World is expendable as the faithful will be whisked away to an after-life in paradise, where surely energy and ecological crises are non-existent. Meanwhile, back on Earth our profligate use of energy is destroying the ecosystems upon which the human family is entirely dependent. Do we get the fact humanity and the Earth are dying? Do you? And what are you going to do about it?

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  1. Forest says:

    Visiting your blog for the first time, I notice that there have been only three comments in the past three weeks. Could it be that you are not connecting with your readership?
    For myself I find that your bitter editorializing (“Do we get the fact that humanity and the Earth are dying? Do you? And what are you going to do about it?”) discourages me from reading the posting in any detail. It communicates self-righteous anger, it talks down to the readership. Why would an intelligent person want to read further?
    No need to preach to the choir!
    Yes, each day we are challenged to stay positive in the face of formidable tests of our sense of justice. Without a positive attitude, we succomb to despair. As Rev. Jackson says, “Keep hope alive.” And he and his Rainbow following have done just that in the face of greater, more personal threats to well-being than you have, as a degreed academic.
    As a great sage said: “The optimist gains the chance of losing, but the pessimist loses the chance of gaining.”
    Glen, take a one-day sabbatical from the Internet, walk out into the cold clear air refreshing the Midwest, fill your lungs and your senses with the beauty of autumn, and express thanks in the way that pleases your own soul, for being blessed to be alive in this amazing time when one miraculously is sharing the Earth's abundance with all creatures including seven billion humans. Take a day to commune with Spirit at whatever earthly Temple–lake, rocky landform, sacred grove–moves your soul. You deserve refreshment, you've been giving tireless service, your Source wants you to know great love and optimism.
    If you do that, I'm sure that Climate Ark will elicit response from kindred spirits.

  2. Toben says:

    Do you have a link to the full report?

  3. Toben says:

    Ahhh – here it is:,,contentMDK:20669631~pagePK:148956~piPK:216618~theSitePK:244381,00.html

  4. Jaye Newland says:

    I am very concerned about the state of ill health of our planet.
    Politicians in Australia and elsewhere are sitting on their hands and talking -is cheap-, but no action.
    The rich countries should be helping their poor neighbours.
    Avarian flu is real, and has the potential to become a threat to both rich and poor countries.
    I would like for the Australian government to spend lots of money in Indonesia, in areas of hygeine, public health clinics, address sanitary and water issues, also address living conditions of animals.
    How do you cure human stupidity?, particularly when they hold so much power to ignore and do nothing. Apart from sending messages to Mps what does one do?. The current issues are so important and needing action, instead the propaganda machine rolls on and comfortable citizens
    are becoming more stupid.
    There has to be a concerted effort by the not so stupid, to change things around.
    I would love to know how
    we do it?.

  5. We certainly recognize the fact that global warming is real, as we have seen its effects firsthand where we live. Since the government is obviously not going to do much to do anything drastic enough to address this major issue (which, as you say, is stupid!), it is going to be up to each and every citizen to do their part in altering their personal lives in ways that will help us out of this mess – and that does mean a bit of sacrifice. But what is a small bit of sacrifice now, when later on there will be major sacrifice for sure that will become mandatory for survival and passed down to our children and theirs?
    In my opinion, bout the biggest way a person can alter their life to reduce their ecological footprint is to simply go vegan. As long as people keep scarfing down their burgers, pork, chicken, and other factory-farmed animals, the situation will worsen, as will their health and the health of their children.
    As a former slaughterhouse worker for Tyson and living in the “Tyson country” of Arkansas for all of my life, I have also seen the destruction and pollution this industry causes, just as it causes immense cruelty to the animals and unsafe, even deadly, conditions for the impoverished workers who find themselves trapped there. So, this isn't coming from a propaganda-brainwashed city person, but form someone who actually has lived where it all happens and participated for years before waking up and blowing the whistle on the many problems I saw through the years just at the few plants in Arkansas I worked at, the houses I caught chickens from when I was a teenager, and the destruction to the environment and the community – many of my friends and family – firsthand.
    I am one of the most unlikely vegans you will ever meet, but I live up to that high standard because it is worth it, especially when I look into the eyes of the children in the family who will be having to deal with the problems we are dumping on them today by our lifestyles, which will become their lifestyles, too.
    We have made that step just as we grow our own organic gardens, buy from local farmer's markets, bring our own reusable bags to the store when shopping, recycle and compost, and limit our driving, among other things.
    But truly, one of the best ways to address climate change is with a simple change in diet. It's not hard, and you don't “miss out” on anything. On the contrary, you open yourself up to a whole world of new foods and ways to prepare them as your health and vitality improve. There is so much us of fossil fuel to raise meat just as there is so much water usage.
    For every pound of beef you do not eat, you would save anywhere from 2,500 to 5,000 gallons of water. At a feedlot of a mere 37,000 cows, 25 tons of corn are dumped every hour. It takes 1.2 gallons of oil to make the fertilizer used for each bushel of that corn. Before a cow is slaughtered, she will eat 25 pounds of corn a day; by the time she is slaughtered she will weigh more than 1,200 pounds. In her lifetime she will have consumed, in effect, 284 gallons of oil. Livestock now produces 130 times the amount of waste that people do. This waste is untreated and unsanitary. It bubbles with chemicals and disease bearing organisms. It overpowers nature’s ability to clean it up. It’s poisoning rivers, killing fish and getting into human drinking water. 65% of California’s population is threatened by pollution in drinking water just from dairy cow manure. It isn’t just cows that produce this waste. Factory-raised hogs produce four times the waste in North Carolina as the 6.5 million people of that state do. Even the oceans are polluted: 7,000 square miles of the Gulf of Mexico are a dead zone.
    more than two-thirds of the land area of the mountain states are used for grazing. 70% of the lands in western national forests are grazed; 90% of Bureau of Land Management land is grazed. These are public lands, lands that President Clinton didn’t even try to save. These lands are trampled by the cattle, compacting the soil. When it rains, the land doesn’t absorb the water. Instead, it runs off, taking away topsoil, forming deep gullies and damaging streambeds. The government protects the cattle by killing off any creature that might threaten the livestock. They poison, trap, snare, den, shoot or gun down the wildlife. Denning, by the way, is the practice by federal agents of pouring kerosene into the dens of animals and setting them on fire, burning the young animals alive in their nests.
    We in the United States do not get all of our beef from the West. We import more than 200 million pounds of beef from Central America alone. Every second of every day, one football field of tropical rainforest is destroyed in order to produce 257 hamburgers.
    a factory cow is a fossil fuel machine, not a solar-powered ruminant whose wastes fertilize the fields to produce more grass for the cow to eat. When you eat beans, for example, you use 1/27 the amount of fossil fuel to produce a calorie of energy as you do when you eat beef. You get the same food energy producing only 4% of the carbon dioxide that a person eating beef does. Another fact we don’t talk about: cattle produce almost one fifth of global methane emissions. Cattle fart. Big time. Their gas is methane. Methane is actually 24 times as potent as carbon dioxide in causing climate chaos.
    To read more of the article I gleaned this from, go here.

  6. Alan says:

    Glen –
    Thanks for posting a link to the text of the US News and World Report story.
    That story has now been buried. The link on their website is dead.
    I am working to uncover why they have buried such a huge story, and why no other corporate media have picked it up.
    If you, or anyone else, has information… please pass along…

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