SUV Dysfunctional Love Affair Over

America's dysfunctional love affair with gas-guzzling sports utility vehicles (SUVs) may finally be waning. And the break-up may come none too soon as gas prizes, war for oil and deadly climate change all converge. There is a glumness in America as its petro-binge draws to a close and there are no clear way forward. Out of this volatile situation could come a continued shift to militaristic fascism or an abrupt shift to the embrace of progressive green values. The outcome of peak oil is yet to be revealed.

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3 Responses

  1. newsblaze says:

    Energy competition that must generate enough additional power to run a car.
    Solar Energy-Saving Competition Hosted by Energy Department
    I hope its the beginning of the end for monster gas guzzlers.

  2. Garrett Eady says:

    My take on this situation with cars is that we should try to make efficent solar cars SAVE THE CLIMATE

  3. chris smith says:

    We have just launched a great new film about SUV and their drivers.

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