“Eco Earth” Environmental Sustainability Portal Relaunch

“Eco Earth” Environmental Sustainability Portal Relaunch
EcoInternet Continues to Improve Offerings and Ways to Support Efforts
September 19, 2005
Contact: Dr. Glen Barry, +1 920 776 1075, GlenBarry@EcologicalInternet.org
Denmark, Wisconsin: EcoInternet is proud to announce “Eco Earth”, their new and expanded environmental sustainability portal at http://www.EcoEarth.Info/ . Eco Earth is the new name of EcoInternet's long established “Eco-Portal” web site which previously resided at http://www.environmentalsustainability.info/ .
Eco Earth's new name, shorter URL and updated capabilities should allow the site to better provide an information gateway that further empowers the movement for environmental sustainability. Users and sites that linked to the Eco-Portal are asked to update their links accordingly.
“It was time to find a URL that was shorter and more memorable – and EcoEarth.Info should do this nicely,” explains Dr. Glen Barry, EcoInternet's President. As part of the site's relaunch, EcoInternet has also increased how frequently the site's news and commentary are updated. Improvements are particularly evident on the “Earth News” newsfeed at: http://www.ecoearth.info/news/ and the “Earth Blog” at http://www.ecoearth.info/blog/ .

Since taking the helm of EcoInternet full-time some three months ago, Dr. Barry's focus has been upon updating the technology and expanding content offerings on all of EcoInternet's web sites (listed below). EcoInternet will now increasingly be shifting attention to fund-raising in order to design and implement new graphical interfaces to each of our sites.
“Our 30 thousand users a day deserve a top-notch modern interface based upon cascading style sheets to replace our functional but somewhat dated late 1990s look, and to better emphasize the unmatched depth and breadth of environmental sustainability news, information retrieval tools, and analysis. We hope to soon identify donors and/or design firms that wish to donate the relatively modest resources necessary to redesign each of our leading websites,” says Dr. Barry.
EcoInternet has also unveiled two new manners for other environmental sites to participate in and benefit from their massive network. They have begun providing customized news feed, which link exhaustively to virtually all major happenings on most environmental topics. This allows other web sites to offer news that is updated several times a day. More information can be found at http://www.ecoearth.info/rss/about.asp .
And each web site is now accepting sponsors which receive a high profile link from each web site's main web page. This should increase traffic to sponsor sites as well as increasing your Google search result presence. It is hoped that these new sponsorship and newsfeed services will provide much needed additional revenue streams to allow EcoInternet's non-profit environmental advocacy activities to continue.
It is anticipated however that the majority of EcoInternet's modest budget will continue to derive from individual donations and small foundation grants. More information on donating to EcoInternet can be found at http://www.ecoearth.info/donate/ .
EcoInternet's projects include:
Eco Earth — http://www.EcoEarth.Info/
ClimateArk — http://www.climateark.org/
WaterConserve — http://www.waterconserve.info/
Forests.org — http://forests.org/
Ocean Conserve — http://www.oceanconserve.info/

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