Enough Forest Destruction, Protect Roadless Forests

Since President Bush election he has waged an unprecedented assault on the natural environment, particularly forests, greatly decreasing the nation's ecosystems which are critical for averting natural disasters. The Bush administration has weakened protections for old-growth forests and biodiversity, put in place industrial logging supposedly to protect against forest fires, and has once again opened America's last large and unprotected forest wildernesses to development. As the New York Times notes, this last measure is facing resistance not only from the vast majority of Americans, but from Western governors where many of these last ancient forest landscapes are found. Western governors are challenging the rollback of protections for roadless forest wildernesses. Forests.org's network has worked on this issue for years, and it appears we are on the ascendency and all is NOT lost.

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  1. “healthy” forests initiative gearing up near me in Montana (Middle East Fork project) rammed down our throats by BNF regional forester Dave Bull,aka “the steer”. After fires of 2000 he took advantage of fear and hysteria of a few ill-informed locals to ramrod a thinly veiled project to “get the cut out”. How sad.

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