Vicious Cycle Below Ground Intensifies Climate Change

Indications are that there are a number of positive feedback loops which are increasing the pace of global warming – this piece is about the release of carbon from warming soils. Another recent study highlights climate change's impacts upon the ability of oceans to sequester carbon. As for soils, as warming occurs extra carbon dioxide is being released naturally from the ground as a result of climate change. This is turn causes further global warming. This vicious circle is one indication that the human family is approaching the climate change tipping point, beyond which relatively stable, functional and predictable climate patterns (such as seasons and rainfall patterns) may not be possible.
Climate change is so damn serious (along with over-population and natural ecosystem loss), yet is relegated to the back pages behind some starlet's latest gaffe. What a screwed up world. What misplaced priorities. In the next decade the human family's fate is being cemented, and with the oil industry neanderthals in power, chances of achieving global ecological sustainability are becoming ever more slim.

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  1. As far as i can tell people just dont understand what we are doing to the WORLD.Its ok having web sights about co2,h20,etc,etc can any one put it in simple uderstandable terms what is going to happen in the very near future if we dont do any thing ?and what is going to happen any way to every day people around the world ,not just in far off exotic places,they need to understand places like???blackpool(for example)are going to be under water very soon
    yours very concerned

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