The Fragile Gulf

The mainstream media is finally picking up on the ecological elements of the Hurricane Katrina tragedy. Here is a very well done Time Magazine article that highlights many of the issues I raised – including global warming and lost wetlands contribution to this and future “natural disasters”. Clearly there are large parts of the Gulf Coast and New Orleans that should not be rebuilt, but rather should be restored to natural ecosystems.

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  1. Kermit Ohrt says:

    It really is worrying me what is happening in the gulf at the moment. I was reading in todays papers that if left unchecked the leak in the gulf could continue for another 2 years! Clearly we cant do with out oil as things stand at the moment, we are just too dependent for so many parts of our lives. Personally I tihnk it's all too easy to pick BP as a scapegoat (regardess of any mistakes they made). Accidents are inevitable at some point with deep water drilling, the only problem is the consequesnces are so high when you consider how much oil can potentially leak.

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