Indonesian Peat Rainforest Development and Global Warming

Burning peat bogs set alight by rainforest clearance in Indonesia are releasing up to a seventh of the world's total fossil fuel emissions in a single year. Time and time again lack of ecological understanding, and the desire to make short term profits at any cost, has lead to disasterous ecosystem destruction. It is ludicrous to destroy ecosystems that are millions of years old, contain unaccounted for biodiversity, and provide crucial planetary and regional ecosystems in order to turn large swaths of peat swamps into rice plantations. Similar ecologically depauperate decisions lead to the catastrophic situation in Katrina's aftermath. The article ends with a prescient quote: “People just don't understand peatlands and don't understand wetlands, as we've seen with the situation in New Orleans. People have a misguided impression of our abilities to manipulate natural ecosystems.”

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3 Responses

  1. Nick says:

    I don't think that it's people in general who have that attitude. I think that it's the greedy/Big Business/profit at all costs/damn the consequences people who either believe it or don't care because the dollar sign is blinding them. Thoreau was right.

  2. Dr. Nigel Miles says:

    Well said Glen …keep up the information literature.
    I help to broadcast it in my little own way

  3. John Austin says:

    Catastrophic loss of peat is a Global concern – I am researching SW Western Australian (Doggerup Plain and Lake Surprise) peat loss, and comparing vegative complex changes over last 50 years – also seeking information on Siberian peat loss – info please to
    John Austin

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