Brazilian Rainforest Hammered by Agri-Business for Export

The Brazilian Amazon is severely threatened by a surge in massive agricultural projects. The trend is so significant that the Brazilian Amazon will soon exist as only relatively small protected areas and areas unsuitable for agriculture. This is not a case of struggling small farmers eking a living. These are massive agri-businesses that are often clearing massive tracts of rainforests, and then mining the soil of precious nutrients. This agricultural boom is responsible for much of the deforestation occurring in the environmentally sensitive Amazon region.
This boom in industrial scaled agriculture is a global catastrophe. The Amazon large and unfragmented rainforests power the global ecological system. Agriculture has historically been the largest cause of outright deforestation of primary forests. Unless rules are put in to place to strictly control and in most cases prohibit conversion of Amazon primary rainforests to industrial agriculture, we can kiss the Amazon goodbye. The deforestation will eventually change Brazil's ? and the Earth's ? climate, reducing rainfall and the supply of water for irrigation. And there will be an upsurge in species extinction, moving the World that much closer to final ecological collapse.

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  1. Dr. Nigel Miles says:

    Hello Glen
    Could you give the latitude and longitude of such agricualtural developments as given in your above, for my data base records.

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