Sustain Ecosystems AND Wildlife

Here is an ill-conceived suggestion – creating a massive wildlife park in the United States to protect large mammals. This approach totally misses the point that these animals' native habitats provide ecosystem services upon which all life depends. We need adequate intact ecosystems to meet these species needs while providing global ecological sustainability, not massive zoos.

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  1. Dr. Nigel Miles says:

    Totally agree but we need an economic approach far in oppostion to the that which is currently philosophical to the G8 destructive and anachronsitic market style economy.
    Any ideas

  2. Jill says:

    I appreciate Greene's sentiments here but this is one of the most ridiculous and ecologically irresponsible ideas I have ever heard, and the fact that a scientist has proposed it is astounding to me. Yes – Yellowstone National Park is a triumph. Yes – the gray wolf reintroduction program has been successful. But is this scientist aware of the magnitude of the bison/rancher, grizzly/rancher and wolf/rancher conflicts that occur outside the Park? What sorts of conflicts will arise between African wildlife and American ranchers/farmers/property owners?? What does this scientist expect
    to happen as our own human population continues to grow? We are squeezing out our own domestic wildlife! How are we going to have room for those from another continent?
    African wildlife survive in ecosystems that are millions of years in the making. How can we hope to successfully replicate an entire African ecosystem here? If we cannot, how can we hope to adequately sustain these animals in the wild in America? A scientist should know that one cannot simply remove only certain animals from an ecosystem and transplant them on another continent, and hope they will survive! It's ludicrous.
    We have already repopulated this continent with a species that disappeared 10,000 years ago – the wild horse. Obviously Mr. Greene is not aware of the conflicts between ranchers and wild horses in this country. These conflicts are the reason the BLM has removed so many of these repopulated animals from our western states, resulting in 20,000 animals languishing in “holding centers”. And now, due to Senator Conrad Burns (Montana), these animals are being sold to buyers, some of whom have sold them to slaughterhouses. How long before his proposed “repopulated” African wildlife ends up facing a similar fate?
    I will never understand the focus of the people who work to save endangered species by simply moving survivors into a zoo or park and breeding them in captivity! If we, instead, redirected those resources and that energy toward conserving true wilderness, proper habitat would be restored and species would recover on their own – where they are meant to live. I think many people only want to conserve animals for their own enjoyment.
    Thank you very much!
    Best wishes,
    Jill Gershen
    Darnestown, MD

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