Massive Solar Energy Project Planned

Finally, a solar energy project is being planned for the California desert, of a scale and proper placement to demonstrate that electrical energy from the sun is viable and highly desirable. This huge solar energy facility would be capable of producing more electricity than all other U.S. sun-power projects combined. This project should continue to bring down costs as well. This means solar may soon be contending with more conventional energy sources – particularly when the external costs of pollution and climate change are incorporated. That is one of the beautiful things about solar energy – it is well suited for large projects such as this that would realize substantial economies of scale, as well as for decentralized solar micro-generation (search).

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  1. Solar Powered electricity has been used for commercial purposes since the 1970’s, and it is in use now more than ever before. As new government regulations on clean coal come to pass, the cost of electricity is expected to skyrocket. Many business owners are turning to solar powered electricity as a way to reduce costs. Most of the electricity we use in the United States comes from coal burning power plants. The coal has energy stored in it that came from the sun millions of years ago. The coal needs to be burned to release this energy. It is cleaner and much more efficient to use the energy that is coming from the sun right now. By eliminating the need to burn coal, your company is will be a leader in the reduction of pollution. Solar powered panels can either be mounted on the roof or your structure, or they can be installed as ground units. During the daylight hours, these panels will collect and store energy from the sun. After peak sunlight hours the stored energy will run the electricity for you business. If you need more electricity than what the panels can produce, it will come from the utility company. Solar powered electricity is a way to reduce your use of coal burning electrical power. Solar power is quiet, and it produces no waste by product. By going with solar powered electricity, you are also making a wise investment for your company. A business or factory with solar powered panels installed will depreciate much slower than similar businesses that have no solar power. Public relations is also very important to business owners, and by owning a solar powered business, you are telling your clients and the public that you don?t just pay lip service to the devotion of a greener planet, you are part of the solution. Your potential customers will see you as an innovator, and people like doing business with innovators.

  2. I think solar panels are an excellent way to provide clean, green and renewable energy to power a wide variety of devices. The power from solar panels is strong, reliable and easy to maintain.
    Therefore it is very cool to read that there is a massive solar project planned! Is it known already if the plans are actually being executed or are it still just plans?

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