No Nukes are Good Nukes

The down and out nuclear energy issue has latched onto climate change as their saviour. Forgive me if I doubt their motives and their logic in claiming nuclear energy is clean. The truth is that the production of nuclear energy and its fuels does release carbon dioxide – albeit at lower levels than other energy sources. I am astonished that additional nuclear power would even be considered when we still have no idea what to do with the waste long term. Nuclear waste is deadly for millions of years. The Roman empire lasted about a thousand years, Pax Britannica about 300 and America has ruled the world for only about 100 years. As governments crumble as they inevitably must, what mechanisms are in place to ensure storage remains secure? It is tremenously unethical to produce energy for the here and now while leaving future generations to deal with our carbon and nuclear wastes. Climate change will only be addressed successfully without causing further environmental messes through conservation and renewable energy.

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