Burn All This Coal and the Earth Will Fry and Die

Best science indicates that greenhouse gas emissions must be reduced by 60% before 2050 if we are to have a stable climate that mostly resembles what we have now. There is no way this will be achieved by burning even a fraction of the coal that still remains available. This “clean coal” propaganda is just crap – the whole process of burning coal and then sequestering the carbon, as well as liquid gas made from coal, are untested technologies that at the moment are little more than vaporware. Yet the coal industry is rebounding. The recent announcement of a climate pact between the U.S. and the world's other major coal producers is little more than claptrap, as the coal industry takes a nod from the oil industry on how to squelch the type of energy and climate policies required to save the Earth. Fossil fuel criminals they all are.

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2 Responses

  1. Ronald Richards says:

    Its too late to turn back the damage done to the earths life giving air,trees, water. The human race has changed the chemical balance that it took millions of years to create.( because the trouth is we live in a chemical world and excistance). The human race thinks its so smart that it thinks it can fix what is going to go wrong, in the future. and they can,t because the way things were created was a PERFICT chemical balance and TIMMING and some mistake,s to be created by nature over Millions or hundreads of millions of years.It is Total impossible to turn it back. Humans are stupid, ignorant primates that has distroyed its own self.The earth is going to heat up and cause the lava core inside our earth to expand and get hotter and move its plates and create SUPER VALCANO,s that will burn this earth and all that live on it. The last 5 ice ages cooled the core so this didn,t accure. Now there is no hope, the core is going to over heat, the gravational pull will change drasticly, and the magnectic poles will switch and will stay that way for millions of years, the human race and the human BODY will not adjust to the changes and the Human race and all BREATHING life will scease to exist. Its Simple science has noting to do with religion or anything else. How many times a day does a human Stop and think that the GROUND he or she is standing on is traveling 400,000 miles and hour threw space and rotating the sun at the same time, AT the EXACT distance that we do not burn up in a second from a ball of Gas that is thousands of degrees. and the SMALL human can fix something wrong with that DELICATE BALANCE and FORCE of nature. I know not so….R.R

  2. Dr. Scared A. Hell says:

    im scared

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