Genetically Modified Super Weeds Closer to Reality

Invasive and exotic species threaten much of the World's biodiversity and ecosystems. Humanity has had very little success in addressing these super competiters which thrive in human disrupted ecoystems. Yet genetically modified super weeds that share these traits and more are a real possibility in the age of Franken-agriculture. Now it has been reported that a wild relative of the oilseed rape has picked up the traits of engineered crops. Genetic pollution has been feared by environmentalists and pooh poohed by agribusiness, but now apparently it is real and happening. I have never really understood the need for biotech agriculture. Do we not have enough agricultural products now, so that we need to risk the stability of eco/agri systems that have sustained humanity for millenia? When will humanity stop destroying natural ways of meeting our needs under the pretentious and false paradigm that we can and should bio-engineer a global ecosystem? It is simply outrageous that scientists are playing Russian Roulette with the biological underpinnings of all life.

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