ClimateArk Joins Call for ExxonMobil Boycott

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There may be no organizational entity on the Earth that has done, and continues to do, as much damage to the Earth's climatic systems as ExxonMobil (except perhaps for the current United States government). ClimateArk endorses and will join the “Exxpose Exxon” boycott campaign recently announced by a dozen major environmental organizations

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2 Responses

  1. Calvin Jones says:

    I agree totally with climate arks's stance on this issue. I would like to point out that i recently attended the “Global Warming 8” event in Edinburgh organised by the IIED and there was able to ask Mary Robinson, Former President of Ireland and Former UN High Commisoner on Human Rights about the possibility of litigation agains companies such as exxon mobil. The key point being not theire buisness model, outdated as it is but there funding of climate change denial groups when the Science is well established. The reply was something along the lines of 'that is definetly worth looking into futher' and reference was made to the parallels of denial found in tabacco companies during the 70s.

  2. Calvin Jones says:

    I`m back just to day, i signed a petition agains exxon mobil, and a letter! They are certainly on a few campaign leaflets at the moment! Also i have started a pair of blogs dedicated to climate change. The first dedicated to big news stories and a few campigns i`m interested in, and the second is a repository of links to reports ive used in composing my blog so-far.

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