America’s Roadless Forests Threatened

President Bush deserves plaudits for his disingeous dismantling of roadless forest protections. First his administration refused to defend the rule in court without actually rolling them back, as courts threatened their position they then introduced a new rule passing management of federal forests to the states, and they have now finally succeeded in court because their new rule trumps the old one that was never actually implemented in the first place! This is a textbook example of resource cronyism, albeit through subtle maneuvering. President Bush would sell and/or destroy any natural wonder for the right price – monetary or political support.

President Clinton let down America's last great roadless forest landscapes in a more overt manner – saving their protection for the last moment, in order to leave a political mine-field rather than out of ecological concern. Isn't it interesting how he now speaks so frequently of environmental matters? America has witnessed a bi-partisan swindling of its citizens' forest heritage. Perhaps pending legislation and further court cases can protect these roadless forests, but given the corrupt influence of the growth machine upon American politics, I would not count on it.
Loss of many if not most of America's final roadless forest wildernesses will lead to the acceleration of continental scale ecological collapse.
Court Upholds New Federal Logging Rules
A federal appeals court dismissed an attempt by environmental groups to restore a Clinton-era ban on logging in roadless areas of national forests, saying their appeal became irrelevant when the Bush administration adopted a replacement rule. The Clinton administration's rule put 58.5 million acres of roadless forest off-limits to logging and other development. Under the new rule, those lands, most of which are in the West, are open to road building for potential logging, mining and other commercial uses.

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5 Responses

  1. To help preserve roadless areas and wildernesses I really suggest you check out They have comprehensive research looking at protecting wilderness areas through Congressional designation. Clinton made great steps to provide security for our nation's natural resources, but the most security is provided through Congressional bills in accordance with the 1964 Wilderness Act. Again, visit for more information on wilderness protection.

  2. Taylor Garrett says:

    If Bush wants to open up land to logging, mining, and building roads, why doesn't he just build a highway through his land in Crawford, TX?

  3. Kendall Williams says:

    is there any good in poeple being able to go into the deep forest? like maybe selective cutting or to get rid of mountin beetles?

  4. sophia scott says:

    What different places can I help out to stop this from happening?

  5. Barbara Dechant says:

    You guys are nuts I have been in logging for 20 years and it's harmless I have witnessed the new growth. Before you condemn it from your pretty beds go out and live it first.

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