G8 Global Warming Declaration Virtually Worthless

The G8 climate change declaration will apparently recognize that global warming is a problem, and is at least partially caused by humans, doing nothing substantive about the problem. Wait. Where the hell have these old men been? This has been known for years – and vast scientific consensus has shown this again and again. Other countries again caved into the United States. A marvelous opportunity to exert leadership on energy conservation, renewable energy and emissions reductions has been lost. My personal favorite G8 summit memory thus far is President Bush asking other countries to conserve oil as the United States continues to guzzle it. I am not sure how much more time we have to talk about rather than act on climate change and overuse of fossil fuels.
What happened in London was absolutely tragic, inexecusable and criminal. Yet it pales in comparison to the death to come from collapsing climatic systems. Indeed, the death toll was a fraction of how many die from bad water each day in Africa. Where is our sense of proportion, and where do our priorities lie? Which country gets invaded next, breeding how many more new terrorists? Lets fight terrorism and climate change with equal vigor and resolve.
G-8 declaration recognizes global warming
Leaders of the Group of Eight industrial nations reached a global warming agreement that recognizes the problem as partly caused by human activity but does not set targets or timetables for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, officials said Thursday.

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