Climate Change Alarm Bells

Increasing numbers of the World's citizenry are aware of the dangers posed by climate change. Increasingly erratic and dangerously extreme weather will impact most of us – perhaps only excluding the super rich – in a myriad of ways; ranging from agricultural decline, to flooding, to deadly heat waves. Unfortunately, those with the power in leadership roles that could most do something about climate change are the least inclined to do so. Perhaps the G8 protests – mostly in regards to African poverty, but also climate change – can wake them up.
Alarm Bells to Ring Over Climate Change
Alarm bells will ring out during the Group of Eight (G8) summit next month to wake up world leaders to take action against climate change. The environment group Friends of the Earth International has issued a call for people to ring bells at 13.45 hours (local time) on July 7 at the summit venue in Gleneagles, Scotland, and around the world “to wake the G8 leaders up to the fact that time is running out to tackle climate injustice.”

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  1. It all just seems a little too optimistic to me. With the notable exception of the U.S., all the G8 countries are well aware of climate change, its dangers, and are committed (at least in principle) to help stop it – they have all at least ratified Kyoto. The thing is, if Bush and the leaders of the U.S. won't listen to the thousands of its own citizens calling for some sort of policy on climate change, I doubt they will listen to those in Britain ringing bells. I hope I am wrong, and that the U.S. can be persuaded during the conference to at least recognize the dangers of climate change, if not by the bells then at least by the other member countries.
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