US Senate Fails Earth’s Climate

In a World of spiraling climate change, timid responses that represent the lowest common denominator between oil beholden Senate millionaires, is not going to cut it. True American leadership is needed to cap carbon dioxide emissions. Even a modest cap would set an important precedent, establish carbon trading mechanisms, and begin processes that must continue far into the future if climate is to be stabilized. Best estimates are that emissions need to be reduced 50% as soon as possible – this journey must begin now, even if baby steps.
Senate approves weaker, voluntary climate plan
WASHINGTON (Reuters) – An ambitious bipartisan plan to slow U.S. greenhouse gases with an emissions trading program collapsed in the Senate on Tuesday after a key Republican threw his support behind a weaker, voluntary plan. The Senate approved, 66-to-29, a plan by Nebraska Republican Chuck Hagel to offer generous tax breaks to U.S. utilities, refiners and manufacturing plants that develop technology to limit emissions of carbon dioxide. It would not cap U.S. emissions of carbon, which are linked to the global warming blamed for melting polar ice caps and rising oceans.

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