Grazing Report Edited by White House

The Bush White House is again dictating science based upon ideology, this time altering a scientific analysis of the environmental impact of cattle grazing on public lands. Never has a modern presidency acted so cavelierly towards scientific knowledge, and with such potential for disasterous impacts. The ecological damage caused by cattle grazing upon range and forest lands is well known. Do the Bush people think this can just be ignored? This is the second example in two weeks of the Bush administration policy-makers rewriting science – the other being downgrading the risk of climate change through strategic edits of supposedly unbiased science by an oil industry stooge. Science needs to stand on its own, particularly matters of global ecological sustainability which will effect us all. This criminal contempt for what science has to tell us in this regard must end.
Administration excised scientists' warnings in grazing report
The Bush administration altered critical portions of a scientific analysis of the environmental impact of cattle grazing on public lands before announcing relaxed grazing limits on those lands, according to scientists involved in the study.

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  1. Don Criswell says:

    I live in California and have always enjoyed our state's natural, beautiful land. I'm a 60 year old horseman, foxhunter and Eagle Scout. I'm at a point now where I believe that there's something very wrong when private individuals and corporations can fence off vast tracts of land and make it illegal for the public to even set foot or cross over it, much less enjoy it recreationally. I'm fully aware of property rights, historical precedent, etc., and I'm not an anarchist or socialist. But, I would like to create change in the access, use and administration of land, even privately owned land. I believe the concept of ranchers having the right to close off huge tracts of land in order to enrich themselves, and allow only cattle and sheep to pass over it is inherently wrong. What can be done to open up land so that we can enjoy it – walk, hike, ride, hunt, fish? The state has been stolen from us by land and cattle barons. This is true of most of the West, including BLM and national forest leases for ranching. How can I help bring about change in this feudal system?

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