Toyota Called Upon to Save the U.S.

Finally a conservative commentator that understands that conservation is deeply and profoundly conservative. Thomas L. Friedman of the New York Times is guilty of profoundly deep and free thinking on the nature of America's oil dependency. He has been writing regularly about a “geo-green” alliance of environmentalists and conservatives, concerned with the national security, climate change and other impacts of oil dependency. There is tremendous hope in following his lines of thinking.
Save us, O Toyota
I have a question: If I am rooting for General Motors to go bankrupt and be bought out by Toyota, does that make me a bad person? It's not that I want any autoworker to lose his or her job, but I think the only hope for GM's workers, and maybe even our country, is with Toyota. Having Toyota take over General Motors – which based its business strategy on building gas-guzzling cars, including the idiot Hummer, scoffing at hybrid technology and fighting congressional efforts to impose higher mileage standards on U.S. automakers – would not only be in America's economic interest, it would also be in America's geopolitical interest.

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  1. But in advocating the use of electricity as a means of reducing gasoline use, Friedman is ignoring the global warming matter. 50-55% of our electricity now comes from burning coal which producse moe CO2 emission per unit of energy produced than does oil or natural gas.

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