The Debate’s Over: Globe is Warming

We are witnessing a major sea-change as global warming has broken through the public's psyche and is now widely and rightly judged to threaten the well-being of the Planet and all its life. In recent weeks we have seen major outpouring of concern from business, conservative politicians and other interests beholden to the fossil fuel lobby and hostile to climate change science. The attention has rightly turned to what to do, rather than questioning whether climate change is happening. Global ecological sustainability depends upon swiftly addressing climate changes — and other symptoms of too many people and too polluting industry destroying life-giving ecosystems.
The debate's over: Globe is warming
Don't look now, but the ground has shifted on global warming. After decades of debate over whether the planet is heating and, if so, whose fault it is, divergent groups are joining hands with little fanfare to deal with a problem they say people can no longer avoid.

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2 Responses

  1. L Ron says:

    May and June 2005
    It's cold on the West Coast Of Canada. Maybe the ocean conveyor currents are already slowing?
    Anyone who thinks this prolonged cold temperatures are normal this time of year are wrong! No way!
    Nobody's talking about it, nothing in the papers about the weather, period! Very odd…
    Everyone's pale here, no tans unless they traveled. The young girls used to be taned in April around here. Can't even wear shorts comfortably. Been here 15 years and never seen this.
    I fear when it does get hot, it will be unbearable…

  2. jurissah says:

    I recently wrote a paper about global warming and read and found an article that talks about the rising heat crippling the Earth's ability to evenly distribute it's heat. Unfortunately that article is in a school database so I cannot link it. The point of the article was that the Amazon rain forest acts as a heat pump, but when it's unhealthy due to global warming, it's unable to redistribute heat to colder regions. Everything ends up out of whack. I did fing one article that mentions this, but not in the detail that the school database article did…

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