India’s and the World’s Illusory Economic Boom

The economic boom occuring in India is deeply unsustainable (for that matter, as are the economies of America, Europe and China). Each is liquidating natural capital – particulary water and land – for a one time infusion of wealth following which basic ecological services, and subsistence and long-term steady state economic opportunities, will have been lost. Ever expanding populations pursuing unbridled economic growth based upon drawing down natural capital can only end in disaster – namely ecological collapse, permanent long-term poverty, misery and famine.
India “Boom” an Environmental Disaster, Author Says
NEW DELHI – India's economic boom is causing unsustainable environmental damage and is blinding people to the misery of hundreds of millions of poor…

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  1. Peter Young says:

    Almost every day we see the extreme effects of climate chages caused by global warming on the news.
    Some towns in central and northern Spain are without water due to droughts, while we see flooding in India, China and Australia.
    When the global economy collapses maybe we will start again to look at the earth as “valuable”

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