World Bank and WWF Aim to Reduce Deforestation by 10% Annually

It is good to see the World Bank and WWF forest conservation behemoths seeking more ambitious goals than working to make logging of ancient forests better and aiming to establish small protected areas in vast intact landscapes, many on contested indigenous lands. Finally there is recognition that the only measure of successful forest conservation is dramatically reducing the loss of forest cover, stabilizing, and then restoring forest landscapes.

Their new improved forest alliance II seeks to cut deforestation by 10% annually. An admirable goal, though somewhat compromised by their worldviews. Their methods for measuring net deforestation equate lossing ancient forests with new tree plantations, which are obviously NOT the same. And the focus is too tightly upon reducing deforestation, while not addressing the equally important issue of forest diminishment where trees may stand but forests are much reduced in vigor, species and ecosystem services. Still –'s and other feedback on the failed Forest Alliance I appears to have been heeded to some extent. I would continue to argue that efforts by WWF and the World Bank to make industrial harvest of old-growth ancient forests acceptable through pushing of certification is the greatest threat to these forests, and creates an environment where timber markets drive illegal logging.
New Program Aims to Reduce Alarming Destruction of Global Forests by Ten Percent Annually
The World Bank and the World Wildlife Fund announced a five-year program Wednesday to reduce the destruction of forests by 10 percent annually in an attempt to combat the alarming disappearance of the world's trees. The two organizations, which established a Forest Alliance in 1998, said they will intensify their efforts to support new forest protected areas such as national parks, more effective management of already protected areas, and improved management of forests that are not yet protected.

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