Global Warming ‘Smoking Gun’

Just how much evidence do you need that the World is warming before you start to take urgent and united global action? The long litany of science behind climate change has grown longer, with what has been described as the “smoking gun” having been found. Essentially it has been confirmed that the Earth's energy balance has shifted and that more is remaining in the atmosphere, exactly what climate models have predicted. Climate skeptics are criminally negligent in their Exxon financed efforts to discredit these finding. They will rot in hell for their actions – as indeed we all may, a hell on Earth.
Global warming 'proof' detected
The Earth is absorbing more energy from the Sun than it is giving back into space, according to a new study by climate scientists in the US. They base their findings on computer models of climate, and on measurements of temperature in the oceans. The group describes its results as “the smoking gun that we were looking for”, removing any doubt that human activities are warming the planet.

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2 Responses

  1. Michael Kerjman says:

    Dear All,
    Although global warming is THE issue, a process itself seems to be of a natural character and not much to do with in a run of a human civilization:
    However, I am ready to practically participate in your projects as my accent for sure is much more understandable in the USA at NASA than in Australia.
    Looking forward to hearing of your opinion.
    mkwrk2 @

  2. True, global warming is cause for concerned… but there is so much hype and junk science that must be sorted through. Some of the environmentalists have made this their religion and their approach is often so dogmatic and divorced from the science and facts that they actually hurt their cause. Furthermore, we also need to figure out where some of this might represent long-term natural ebb and flows in the environment rather than man made.
    Not saying that there isn't a problem… but if the environmentalists want to be taken seriously, the need to be more scientific and less religous about their cause. I don't personally worship their God!

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