Pygmies Emerge from Forests to Demand Equal Rights

Abuses against indigenous peoples by the dominant money-grubbing, Christ driven culture continue apace. Too often we place such issues in the past, when in fact the rape and pillage of traditional peoples and their lands continues towards an apocalyptic finale.
Pygmies emerge from forests to demand equal rights
About 2 500 pygmies emerged from their forest homes in northeast Democratic Republic of Congo on Thursday to demand equal rights in the vast Central African nation, the United Nations radio station in the country said. The pygmies, many of whom reportedly made their first trips outside their villages in the trek to the town of Isiro for the demonstration, decried killings and abuses committed against them by other ethnic groups, it said. “We also exist, the pygmies,” “Justice, equality and rights for the pygmies in the DRC,” and “Pygmy killers must be brought to justice like any other guilty person,” read signs carried by demonstrators, Okapi radio reported.

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