Climate Change Wreaking Havoc with Seasons

One of the most serious and least recognized impacts of climate change is the loss of seasonal patterns. Living in Wisconsin, an agricultural state, I am saddened that there is not more concern with climate change given the importance of knowing when to plant crops. Should seasonal patterns vary widely and lose what predictability they had, it is going to make agriculture haphazard at best. And natural ecosystems will be hammered by vegetational dieback caused by the lack of seasonal rhythms. Trees in particular will be tricked into blooming only to suffer frost damage. We are destroying the Earth's hand watch, with potentially enormous costs to natural and human systems. It hardly seems fair to trade the natural world for cheap oil.
Climate change wreaking havoc with seasons
Climate change is playing havoc with the timing of the seasons and could drastically alter the landscape, according to one of the most comprehensive studies of its kind. Frogs have begun spawning in Britain as early as October, oaks are coming into leaf three weeks earlier than they were 50 years ago and there were an unprecedented 4,000 sightings of bumblebees by the end of January this year.

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