Dawning of the Age of Restoration

Clearly the Earth has lost too much of its terrestrial, aquatic and marine ecosystems to sustain all life including humankind in the long-term. And if there is money to be made in there restoration, all the better. Movement towards regenerating ecosytems as a business must be commended with some small caveats. It will always be more cost and ecologically effective to preserve important intact ecosystems in the first place. While restoration can reconstruct much of the structure, function, dynamics and composition of a native ecosystem; it does not get it all. Valuable genetic strains are lost and often communities are not complete. Nonetheless, the growth of the ecological restoration industry is very exciting, a cause to which EcoInternet is devoted. Could this be the dawning of the Age of Ecological Restoration?
Eco-firms see growing profits
Just a niche market in the 1980s, ecosystem restoration has surged in the past five years, with announced multi-year projects exceeding $70 billion worldwide and annual revenues in the US of more than $1 billion a year, industry sources say.

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  1. Dawning of the Age of Restoration

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