China Boom Unsustainable

China's economic boom threatens to bring about global ecological collapse. Of course, they are not the only nation to blame, as they are modeling their crassly unsustainable use of resources after the West. A billion Chinese, to say nothing of a like number of Indians, can not have two cars (one an SUV) and all the other amenities and throw away consumer items of Western life without trashing the Earth's life support systems. Which ecosystem will give out first? My bet is upon water, followed closely and linked to climatic chaos. This is taking the axiom “may you live in interesting times” to extremes – try living without ecoystems or resources. Interesting indeed.
'China boom unsustainable as eco-costs skyrocket'
…the economic model that evolved in the West — the fossil-fuel-based, auto-centered, throwaway economy — will not work for China simply because there are not enough resources.

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