America Blocks Efforts to Combat Illegal Logging

It has just been reported that the United States intends to block Tony Blair's G8 initiative combating illegal logging. Intensive industrial logging – both legal and illegal – destroys ecosystems and livelihoods throughout the World. Particularly in tropical rainforests, a timber mafia has emerged which is raping, pillaging and plundering ecosystems and local peoples. has been instrumental in bringing this to an international audience over the past decade, and international efforts to address this ecological and human rights crisis have been intensifying. Into this moment of opportunity and hope for the world's forest habitats and their peoples comes President Bush.
The Toxic Texan is apparently not content with destroying the climate, prolonging release of toxic mercury into the air and heavily logging U.S. forests to make them “healthy”. How could the self-proclaimed World leader be against US moves to ensure that timber is legitimately produced and forest ecosystems protected?

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