Asthma Returns in Children Who ‘Outgrew It’

Golly, I guess there are some reasons to reduce air pollution other than climate change and national security – namely, ensuring our children can breathe.
Planet Ark : Asthma Returns In Children Who 'Outgrew' It – Study
A third of children who supposedly outgrew their asthma saw it come back by the time they reached their mid-20s, researchers reported on Monday.

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  1. David Kane says:

    My wife suffered badly from asthma as a child. For a period of years her asthma subsided and she was asthma free and medication free. About 7 years ago she moved to Kent to begin a new job and her asthma flared up again.
    We can't pinpoint why this happened but it did lead me to start to look at all the different factors, triggers and to investigate what was going on.
    It appears that childhood asthma can quite easily resurface and can be triggered by any number of the 'usual suspects'. It maybe dormant but it can be ready to pounce when you least expect it!
    There are a number of excellent web sites which advocate “astma management” and using this all round approach can make a huge difference in controlling a person's asthma day to day, month to month. If you are aware of your 'triggers' and are monitoring your peak flow. This can be an excellent way of being pro-active in your asthma management.
    David Kane

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