Urge Brazil to End the Violence, Protect the Amazon

The following alert represents perhaps the most important opportunity to protect the Amazon in our lifetime. Unfortunately, the turn out for the alert has been less than expected. PLEASE forward this widely and respond as a matter of some urgency. It was purposefully timed to follow-up on recent developments, and keep the issue in the forefront.
Dr. Glen Barry
Urge Brazil to End the Violence, Protect the Amazon
By Forests.org, a project of EcoInternet, Inc.
February 25, 2005

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2 Responses

  1. Javier Santillan Cabral says:

    Government OF Brazil,
    We as world citizens congratulate you on your efforts on preserving and protecting the Amazon rainforests. It is ecologically important to keep this intact and not to allow devolopment in such a place. You are its keeper and the world look to you to care of this natural wonder. We also thank you for ending the violence and on your efforts to stop illegal forest clearcutting fires.We hope that the Brazilians and the citizens of the world and future generations keep striving to protect it.
    Concerned World Citizen,
    Javier Santillan Cabral
    San Diego, California U.E.A

  2. Colin & Shirl Fussell says:

    Although the Brazilian Government has acted in sending troops into the Amazon we believe this has to be followed by concerted efforts in the long term.
    Until the loggers, ranchers and other exploiters are hit hard their selfish misguided efforts in the Amazon will continue.
    The World is now placing the Brazlian Government under scrutiny after seeing wanton rainforest destruction continue for far too long. It is time for the platitudes to stop and for real action to begin!
    Colin & Shirl Fussell,
    New Zealand

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