Global warming real – get on with it

Climate change is occuring beyond any doubt. At least part of it is human induced. Deal with it and get on with it, what do we do?
‘Global warming real’ say new studies
A leading US team of climate researchers on Friday released “the most compelling evidence yet” that human activities are responsible for global warming. They said their analysis should “wipe out” claims by sceptics that recent warming is due to non-human factors such as natural fluctuations in climate or variations in solar or volcanic activity.

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  1. Lance says:

    Most interesting point from the press release: Chile, parts of China, and the Western U.S. will all experience dramatic water shortages over the next 20 years.
    Does anyone know if there's any more detail available on Barnett's and Pierce's methods?

  2. Sandy Mutch says:

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  3. The Bush Administration may be want to believe all the evidence of global warming, but Wall Street is finally taking notice. According to Institutional Shareholder Services, which keeps track of these things, companies faced a record number of environmental proposals and resolutions from shareholders last year. The number of environmental proposals is expected to be even higher in the 2005 proxy season, which is just getting under way.
    Exxon Mobile is one case in point. Company management felt that it “wouldn't be in the best interests of the company to implement certain policies prior to more research on the topic.” (I seem to recall the tobacco industry making similar arguments in the 60's, 70's and 80's.) Anyway, footdraggers at the company were put on notice last year when shareholders handed management a resolution asking for an explanation of Exxon Mobile's approach to climate science.

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