U.S. Momentum Builds for Emissions Bills

Eventually America will come around, the only question is whether it will be too late to stabilize climate in an acceptable range for long-term human habitation.
CLIMATE CHANGE-U.S.: Momentum Builds for Emissions Bills
With most of the world about to leave the United States in the dust on climate change policy, the fray is shifting from global summits to Washington's Capitol Hill, where a growing coalition of Democrats and Republicans is lobbying for a national cap on carbon dioxide emissions.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    A letter to Michael Moore:
    Hey Mike! As someone interested in the rusting carcass of the auto industry in Flint, and in “Roger's” activities, you should be interested in this:
    As you must know, the big 3 U.S. automakers have sued California to overturn our new greenhouse gas emission standards. If Bush continues to turn his back on the Kyoto protocols, at least California can lead the States to implement Kyoto state-by-state. But not if the lawsuit prevails. I just sent a bunch of MoveOn letters to auto execs, but here's a better idea: Hit them in the bottom line, where it COUNTS!
    We should organize a boycott, whereby each of us pledges not to buy a new car (except hybrids) from
    any of the big 3, until they drop their lawsuit and irrevocably move to comply with California's standards (and Canada's, etc.,) posthaste. There are plenty of good Japanese and German and other new cars for us to buy in the meantime. Both Germany and Japan have ratified the Kyoto protocols and presumably are getting their automakers to comply. Because there are such good alternatives in foreign made cars the boycott will not demand a lot from the participants, and thus people's pledges to participate will be highly credible. The big 3's market share is already under considerable pressure from abroad, so they
    are already scared. Hopefully we can scare them A LOT, and they will buckle within a year. Then
    the rest of the states will stop sitting on the sidelines waiting for the outcome of the lawsuit and will join California in implementing similar greenhouse gas emission standards to support Kyoto and BEAT BACK BUSH!
    PS: I'm a big fan of yours. Keep up the good work!

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