Amazon Rainforest to Face Climate Change Caused Dieback

If climate change leads to dieback of forests – the Amazon in particular – as many models are forecasting; there will be a surge in carbon dioxide. In conjunction with fossil fuel dependency, this may well push the Earth into inescapable positive feedback that makes the world largely uninhabitable for advanced societies. Climate and forests are the key to global ecological sustainability (ok, water and oceans too).
Amazon forest breathing uneasily
“In the Amazon, the vegetation dies back because there won't be enough rain,” explained climatologist Vicky Pope, detailing one of the most sophisticated studies yet — by Britain's Hadley Center — of what a warmer world would mean.
For South America's rain forests, such a “dieback” would mean steady decomposition of dead vegetation and the release into the atmosphere of massive amounts of carbon dioxide, the “greenhouse gas” that itself is blamed for much of climate change.

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  2. Anonymous says:

    this is a very helpful website

  3. stephanie parry says:

    i think you should add pictures to this website and even graphs.At the moment i am doing a report wich is 11 pages of a4 long.In this i need to include a graph of rainfall and a graph to show temperature.I typed in googles search engine box '' a climate graph for the amazon rainforest '' it gave me this web site address but you dont seem to have any graph at all.Am i mistaken and have not looked hard enough or haven't you got any graphs please reply to me as i am baffled to where it is if you do have a graph somewhere on this site i recomend to you that ypu make it easier to find.

  4. Christina says:

    i think this was helpful, i am only 11 but i believe that the Amazon (river and rainforest) is one the world's most beautiful and exotic places and that we should do something!

  5. bree age 13 says:

    I think what people are doing to the Rainforest is wrong. If your wondering why it's because some many animals are losing there homes so we could have our homes and met our needs. This is what leads to the animals extincion. Also im not saying teree is any structures in the rainforest, but if there is they could be getting ruined and anobody would really notice or care.

  6. Lauren says:

    put on some graphs

  7. Annonymous says:

    The human short sighted pursuit of temporary power at the cost of long term stability is an evolutionarily induced problem, I think. Evolution favors the species that is capable of surviving long enough to have children. The species that seeks stability while sacrificing short-term power will be crushed by the species that takes huge risks, dominates the other species, and fails to plan for the future. The short-term species is capable of producing more children, and therefore gains dominance. When it extincts later, the long-term species gains dominance, but as it evolves, the branches of it that are more short-term become dominant. This is a natural cycle that results in the eventual extinction of almost every organism.

  8. froggy says:

    uve helped me with my geography work. thanks

  9. Anonymous says:

    put some climate graphs on

  10. shanice says:


  11. Anonymous says:

    i love trees

  12. Anonymous says:

    i have an project and need a graph of rainforest destruction I tpyed in “graphs on rainforest destruction' and this is the fith website with no graph. I think u should put graphs on climate tempertura destruction ……

  13. Anonymous says:

    u are shit!!!! tell ur boss he wil di at 2 pm on monday the 2nd of november

  14. Dark Prince Reborn says:

    answer the people and put some graphs on! some people want to know this, for work, research, school, college etc. do that and everyone will owe you a favour

  15. person tht needs a climate graph! says:

    ya need a decent climate graph 4 a rainforest sumwere!!!!!

  16. Ron says:

    hey you what should we talk about o yea how about the rain forest i have just the thing to say i hate it

  17. hippicrrite says:

    this sight is for hippies plus i also need a climate graph

  18. anonamous says:

    get some graphs
    Response: see

  19. charlotte says:

    put some climate graphs on here for people to use for research and for school its children like us that need it most .
    Response: see

  20. Anonymous says:

    need some graphs

  21. Nick says:

    the amazon is full of trees

  22. 3MILY says:


  23. brittany hammond says:

    i love to learn about the rain forest and how people try to save it.

  24. carlee says:

    where is the graph? i can not find it

  25. carlee says:

    LIKE OMG i am LIKE crying here LIKE the rainforest
    is LIKE dying boo hoo i am LIKE having LIKE a BF LIKE omg!!!!!!!!!!! oh oops i mean where is ur graphs i can not find them????????
    by the way nice site!!!

  26. Anonymous says:

    You really do need climate graphs.
    This site is so misleading because when you type climate graphs for the amazon in google this site comes up.

  27. Dr. Glen Barry says:

    Extensive climate change graphs can be found at

  28. Anonymous says:

    i didnt even know there were such a lot of facts on the rainforest

  29. David says:

    Sites like this are great, but ultimately climate change is already upon us, and all the rhetoric from our various governments about the need to take action is simply a smoke screen to appease voters for the next election.
    In short, this planet would have been much better off without us, and will recover very nicely after we're gone over the next few million years, which on a geological time scale is the blink of an eye.

  30. Rainforest lover says:

    you all suck rainforests are awesome dude

  31. teresa kerce says:

    people need to be helping the rain forest instaid of taring it down

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