Good News for Threatened Plants?

What is described below as “good news for threatened plants” may more accurately be portrayed as “bad news for terrestrial ecosystems”. What we have here is failure to see the ecosystem through the plants. Plants are the foundation of virtually all food chains and the fact that many exist only in museum like botanical gardens means that the Earth is becoming deeply impoverished.
BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Good news for threatened plants
Some of the world's most endangered plants have a firmer grasp on survival than anyone had suspected until now. A study by Botanic Gardens Conservation International says about 9,000 species which are threatened in the wild are in fact thriving in botanic gardens.

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  1. Tate says:

    I think that forest conservation is VERY important because if we do not conserve the forests endangered animals will become extict at a much faster rate. It's called RECYCLING people, get used to it!!!!!!!!!!!!

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