Thriving in the Jungle

The dangerous myth that the only way for rainforest peoples to advance themselves it to destroy their rainforest habitats must be shattered.
Mail and Guardian Online: Thriving deep in the jungles of Equador
Here we find the Kapawi Lodge, an example of gentle tourism. All the houses and huts were built by Achuar Indians in the traditional style with timber… They need the money for medicine, clothing and such things as batteries and pencils because the children go to school… Oil extraction might bring income, but bad things as well. The oil fields in northeastern Equador near the city of Coca are an example. First the workers came, then came crime, environmental degradation and prostitution.
“We want to live in peace in our forest,” Cristobal says. “We don't want any bulldozers and oil wells. We would rather have bird watchers and eco-tourists”.

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