Water Shortage to Cause a World of Hurt

There are many metropolitan areas worldwide that have been built in arid regions, and where the water use is clearly unsustainable in the short to mid-term. Sydney is one example below. Given that droughts are becoming more frequent, expect the major environmental catastrophe in the distant future to be a complete lack of water for some large cities. What will they do? They rich will buy water that is flown in, and others will die. Track this struggle and work to find solutions at the Water Conservation Portal.
Do or dry, Sydney: cut water use by half or face a crippling shortage – Environment – www.smh.com.au
Sydney needs to more than halve its water consumption to prevent a dire water shortage in 25 years, research by national water utilities concludes. Water experts say the answer lies in a huge change in personal and industrial attitudes to water use, not just water restrictions.

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  1. I couldn't agree more. I think this highlights importance of water in the United States and indirectly also implies the importance of protection of our national forests. We must protect these areas and push for more wilderness designation as a means for preserving our drinking water. According to the forest service, 60 million Americans rely on clean drinking water from the national forests. Roadless areas provide the purest source of that water due to their pristine and road-free condition. In the Northwest Forest Service Region, which includes Washington and Oregon, drinking water on national forest land is worth approximately $941 million annually! For more information check out: http://www.leaveitwild.org.

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