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  1. John says:

    I am writing, because I survived a Rare cancer, and “Coincidentally” an ex-roomate was diagnosed with the same rare cancer. We later found out that our Cancer, Sarcoma was caused by PCBs and Dioxin – and sure enough later we found we lived over a Landfill with – guess what – PCB, OrganoChlorines and Dioxin like materials.
    It turns out that breast cancer is caused by some of the same Chemicals.
    I would like to get involved with helping pass laws that require less use of chemicals and regulation to limit “residual” exposures.
    I have a new website that I am trying to get off the ground:
    If you have a chance, please look at the website and articles on enviromental cancers.
    Thanks and best regards to you.
    John Caulfield

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