Bush Holiday Gift, Corporatizes National Forests

The Toxic Texan's environmentally challenged administration has again released a controversial forest policy over the holiday period. They have announced a new management framework for the national forest system, granting federal land managers increased authority to approve logging, drilling, grazing and mining with less environmental review than currently required. Of particular concern is weakening of the requirement to seek public input, and elimination of a way to monitor how human activities affect wildlife. Last year during the same period he finalized a rule that opened roadless areas of the Tongass National Forest to new roads and logging. The Clearcut Cowboy has little interest in protecting the wild character of the national forests and rather is focused on appeasing the timber industry. Commercialization of the National Forests is only Bush's most recent unsustainable draw down of the nation's and Earth's natural capital. America and the World will be paying for this carelessness for generations to come.

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