Mangrove Forests Reduce Impacts of Tsunamis

There exists a wealth of scientific evidence to back my earlier assertion that the impacts of recent natural tsunamis in Asia have been amplified through the negligence of humankind. In particular, mangrove forests are a vital ecosystem in terms of protecting coastlines. This is science, factual, not opinion. Those that disagree do so because it opposes their dogma that humans are meant to command the Earth. Ecological ignorance is the greatest peril facing humanity.
Mangrove forests 'can reduce impact of tsunamis'
Dense mangrove forests growing along the coasts of tropical and sub-tropical countries can help reduce the devastating impact of tsunamis and coastal storms by absorbing some of the waves' energy, say scientists. When the tsunami struck India's southern state of Tamil Nadu on 26 December, for example, areas in Pichavaram and Muthupet with dense mangroves suffered fewer human casualties and less damage to property compared to areas without mangroves.

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