Drinking Water Cartel

Where does your water come from? Do you know? Water scarcity – when it hits the over-developed world – may well be the issue that drives environmentalism to the top of the world's agenda. Supplies are perilously scarce and becoming scarcer, and big business and governments are jockeying for control of supplies. The water crisis is intimately tied to climate change and deforestation as well. As these three crises merge and surge, humanity will come to terms with the definition of ecological collapse. Try living without water – you can not.
Forget OPEC. The next cartel may export drinking water. | csmonitor.com
less than 2.5 percent of the world's water is fresh. That vital resource is threatened by pollution, waterborne disease, and shifts in rain patterns caused by global warming, recent studies show. All of which, in some eyes, leaves the world on the verge of a scramble by private companies and countries vying for rights to available water.

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  1. Colin says:

    Yes – even in “clean, green New Zealand” the water situation is becoming very evident.
    Our major city – Auckland – is drawing water from a highly polluted river and doctoring it to make it capable of being consumed. Several of the local bodies have relinquished control of their water supply to overseas companies as well.
    It is very clear the commercial interests are ferreting their way into the very infrastructure of society in order to gain control of, and to make money from, our natural resources.
    In highlighting the situation you are doing a great service to humanity and the delicate ecosystems we are so truly dependent on.

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