Rising Seas Due to Climate Change Exacerbate Tsunami

The recent tragic Asian Tsunami is indicative of the types of problems that global warming and other global ecological changes can and will exacerbate. There is no doubt that higher sea levels would contribute to greater damage from such a wave. In addition there are other contributions made by poor enviromental management: destruction of corals, overpopulation (particularly along coastlines) and mangrove destruction all diminished natural resilience to such disasters. Unfortunately, this tidal wave's aftermath is indicative of ecological collapse on a planetary scale.
Tsunami threatens survival of low-lying Maldives islands
The tidal waves that swept across the Indian Ocean did more than take a heavy toll of lives and property in the Maldives _ it confronted the tiny island nation with a threat to its survival. The archipelago of 1,190 low-lying coral islands, dotted across hundreds of kilometers (miles) of ocean, has for years begged bigger, more powerful nations for action against global warming, fearing higher sea levels could literally make much of its territory disappear.

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  1. Peter Venning says:

    There has been much comment about this tsunami being a natural disaster, with the possibility of it being man-made totally overlooked. Many geologists understand the cause of earth-quakes and are aware that in certain regions, due to tectonic shifts, the resulting damage caused by such a shift can be enormous. What a terrible weapon this could be should it be used or tested as has just been the case in my opinion.
    With a world gone crazy through the greed of large corporations, prepared to murder humans and other species and with no regard for our environment, with morons like Bush leading the most economically powerfull nation, with religious leaders dictating their contradictory and heinous doctrines to the misinformed masses, with media controlling how and what we think, etc etc, it does not take a reality shift to accept the possibility that we, as the human species, are all being taken for a ride.
    Best wishes.

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