Bush Left in the Cold

Who would have thought that President Bush could be even more isolated on climate change policy? Now even Saudia Arabia and Australia have distanced themselves from his regressive and dangerous allegiance to profligate energy use and climate crisis inaction. America will come around to doing the right thing; making major investments in, and transitioning to, renewable energy while cutting emissions drastically. The only questions are when, will it be in time, and will Mr. Bush be a hero or villian in this regard? Indeed, enough is enough. This intransigent, obstinate man must be encouraged to make a dramatic break with his past and lead on climate change.
Bush left in the cold by climate allies
George Bush's two closest allies in his attempt to sabotage international action to combat global warning last week dramatically distanced themselves from him.
Saudi Arabia announced that it had approved the Kyoto Protocol, the treaty on climate change which President Bush has been trying to kill. And Australia, while still rejecting it, parted company from the United States by saying that it was prepared to negotiate its successor.

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