New Coal Plants Bury Kyoto

Coal (and of course oil) will be the death of the Planet. There is no such things as clean coal – you can not use it without emitting carbon dioxide. If all the coal in the world gets burned the climate will collapse.
New coal plants bury 'Kyoto' |
The official treaty to curb greenhouse-gas emissions hasn't gone into effect yet and already three countries are planning to build nearly 850 new coal-fired plants, which would pump up to five times as much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere as the Kyoto Protocol aims to reduce…
By 2012, the plants in three key countries – China, India, and the United States – are expected to emit as much as an extra 2.7 billion tons of carbon dioxide, according to a Monitor analysis of power-plant construction data. In contrast, Kyoto countries by that year are supposed to have cut their CO2 emissions by some 483 million tons.

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  1. Yes, you cannot use coal as a fuel without emitting carbon dioxide. Of the three sources of energy, coal, oil and natural gas, the use of coal emits more carbon dioxide per unit of energy than the other two. However, there is a new technology which will enable the use of coal without emitting carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. The carbon dioxide in the stack gas is absorbed in a solvent so that the stack gases emitted to the atmosphere are substantially free of carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide that is removed is reclaimed from the solvent, cooled and pressurized, and can be transferred and buried by pipeline to deep underground storage sites.
    The process step for extracting the carbon dioxide from the stack gas is a proven operation although it is expensive. The feasibility of underground storage of the carbon dioxide had been under study by several institutions financed by governments and results so far are affirmative.
    In the long run, when we get really serious about avoiding global warming, it is very likely that this CCS, Carbon Capture and Storage, will become the prevalent means of generating electricity. Those concerned about global warming should be bringing this matter to the attention of Congress which should fund a demonstration plant to prove the feasibility of this operation.

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