Having Nixed Kyoto, Bush Stifles Discussion

The following editorial from the Boulder Daily Camera identifies a hallmark of Bush administration, a predilection to not only set “the world's agenda; (but) it also stifles dissenting views”. Whenever a government takes it upon themselves to stifle dissent, it is scary and dangerous. But to do so on Climate Change – something that threatens all nations with annihilation, and is well documented scientifically – is callous, reckless and self-serving.
Global Storming: Having Nixed Kyoto, Bush Stifles Discussion
President Bush rejected an international treaty outlining limits on greenhouse gases, leaving other industrialized nations to address the looming problem without the help of the United States, the world's fattest gas hog. But somehow, that wasn't enough. Not only does the president refuse to help other nations address what they

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