Anti-Forest Avalanche Begins

We are witnessing the opening salvos in what will be the most anti-forest U.S. administration ever. Logging prevents fires, is required to keep forests healthy, is good for the economy – hell, probably cures cancer too. While I continue to rue the day that the Toxic Texan stole the country's leadership, at some level after the recent election, my reaction is America deserves what it asks for. By the end of this term, America's forests will be severely degraded, water and air futher polluted, and it will likely be to late to turn the tide. As ecological collapse places it numerous suffocating tentacles around each and every American life, I particularly hope it is right wing born again anti-Earth kooks that suffer the most. Because it is their fault the Earth is dying…
Yahoo! News – New Forest Plan Would Lessen Restraints
Managers of the nation's 155 national forests will have more leeway to approve logging and other commercial projects with less formal environmental review under a new Bush administration plan… The long-awaited plan will overhaul application of the landmark 1976 National Forest Management Act, which sets the basic rules for management of nation's 191 million acres of forests and grasslands and protects forest wildlife.

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