Bird Flu Symptomatic of Asian Ecological Collapse

The huge increase in new emergent infectious disease is symptomatic of global ecological collapse. Teaming masses of consuming humans have decimated natural ecosystems – nowhere is this more advanced than in Asia. Previously natural ecosystems buffered humans from disease agents through biodiversity and other natural patterns and processes. But no more. Humanity has overshot the carrying capacity of the Earth – and these emergent diseases may well be Gaia's means to pull the system back into equilibrium. Immediate strict conservation and restoration measures are humanity's only hopes to ameliorate looming sickness and chaos brought on by ecological overshoot.
Planet Ark : Southeast Asia Fights Bird Flu, Top Health Risk
SINGAPORE – Bird flu, which risks being deadlier than the SARS outbreak, is endemic to Southeast Asia and poses the biggest risk to public health in the region, Singapore officials and international health experts said on Monday. The avian flu virus could trigger a lethal pandemic among humans if not contained…

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