World Bank’s Commitment to Sustainable Development Is Suspect

How can you fund a few hundred fossil fuel projects (and try to open the Congo and PNG's rainforests to commercial logging), while claiming the mantle of the World's Green financier? You can not. The World Bank is not fulfilling the role of lender for environmental sustainability (i.e. the GEF) adequately and should not be trusted as the intermediary for financing conservation and development. They have been unable to reconcile the role of global banker for economic growth with global conservation financier.
Climate Change: Activists Question World Bank's Commitment to Sustainable Development
While the World Bank says it encourages “environmentally responsible” economic growth in developing countries, activists wonder why it has supported 332 fossil fuel projects in the past 12 years.

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  1. Walter says:

    The World Bank's commitment to sustainable development is not just suspect. The World Bank's commitment to sustainable development is a complete and and utter sham.

  2. The problem is that many people who habitually use the term 'sustainable development' are against development. The only form of sustainability they seem to support is the sustainability of poverty.

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