Kyoto Protocol Would “Damage” Asian Economies

I am incredulous regarding the news item linked below, which informs us that Kyoto will “damage” Asia. They speak of these country's economies as if they were completely independent from regional ecosystems including climatic patterns. There will be NO economy if ecosystems collapse. This is the fundamental flaw of the growth machine mentality that threatens global ecological sustainability and a collapse of both ecosystems and economies.
Kyoto Protocol could damage Asia: report
The fastest growing economies in the world would be damaged if they adopted Kyoto Protocol targets to cut greenhouse gas emissions, according to a report by the Australian Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Study Centre. The report found East Asia was heavily dependent on power for development and strategies to relieve poverty. It said if those economies were required to cut emissions in the manner mandated for industrialised economies under the Kyoto Protocol their economic growth strategies would be jeopardised.

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